TV LED Repair Tool

 FPC to LVDS Universal adapter board LCD Transfer test tool 
 FPC to LVDS Universal adapter board LCD Transfer test tool 
Bestel NU 
 Frameless LED Panels edge seal tape 
 Frameless LED Panels edge seal tape 
Bestel NU 
 LCD Backlight tester tool 3-55inch 
 LCD Backlight tester tool 3-55inch 
Bestel NU 
 LCD LED Test Tool 55 Programs 
 LCD LED Test Tool 55 Programs 
Bestel NU 
Bestel NU 
 LED TV Backlight Tester Tool Lamp Beads Board Detect Repair 
 LED TV Backlight Tester Tool Lamp Beads Board Detect Repair 
Bestel NU 
 TV Motherboard Tester Tools  TV160 
 TV Motherboard Tester Tools TV160 
Bestel NU 
 TV160 7th TV mainboard test tool Vbyone&LVDS to HDMI 
 TV160 7th TV mainboard test tool Vbyone&LVDS to HDMI 
Bestel NU 
 TV160-4K 4K TV mainboard testing assistance tool V-BY-ONE transf 
 TV160-4K 4K TV mainboard testing assistance tool V-BY-ONE transf 
Bestel NU 
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1 x 40Q1N V400D1-KS1-TLEM2 M0004RN31A43LAC V400DK1-KS1
4 x UA65TU8500 TV LED V0T8-650SM0-R0 BN96-50380A 2pcs/set
1 x 39L2309C 39L2306C_3030C_8X5 4C-LB390T-YHB
2 x 6922L-0221A 6916L3030A 6916L3031A 6916L3033A 2pcs New Original
2 x 40F6F 40L2F 40HR330M10A0 V4 4C-LB4010-HR01J
1 x 3pcs New IC-A-SKA40D455A IC-D-SKA40D455B JL.D4052235-01AS
2 x 49inch 6916L2067A 6916L2303A 6916L2304A 6916L2066A New Original
1 x 3BL-T8504102-002B led strip used and tested 1pcs
1 x 43LFA69K K430WDD1 A3 4708-K43WDD-A3117N01 3pcs New
4 x BUSH 40/233F IC-B-HWBC40D453 V400HJ6-PE1 4pcs New
1 x 42"ART TV REV 0.4 6922L-0023A 6916L-0947B/0948B
1 x 40K100C 40EL100C 40AL800 V400H2-LE2-TLEM2 V400H2-LE2-TREM2
1 x 4C-LB320T-HRAC 32D1200LG 7X2 32HR332M07A5 2 PCS/set 7LED 3V 565mm
1 x 4-595-780 NLAW20450 LB43045 V0_00 LB43026 2pcs 32LED 461mm
1 x 4708-K320WD-A3113N11 A3113N41 A1113N41 K320WDD1 A3 2PCS 6led 3v 570mm
1 x 4708-K49WDC-A3113N01 A2213N01 K490WDC1 A2 49UK950 9PCS 5LED 6V 476mm
5 x 48PFT4100 LED TV Backlight
3 x BN96-45622A V8Q7-650SM0-R2 LM41-00581A 2pcs New Original
3 x S2Q6-500SM0-R0 2pcs/set TV LED backlight bar
1 x 3BL-T8504102-003B led strip used and tested
4 x V9Q6-430SM0-R0 QE43Q60RAT 2pcs New
3 x TH-L55ET60CD 6922L-0079A 6916L1239A 6920L-0001C New
1 x 47PFS7109 LBM470P1001-M-2(L) LBM470P0301-N-2(R) 14pcs New
2 x 39l2300D 39L4353RB SVT390A05_R SVT390A05_L 40L2400D SVT390A1
2 x LM41-00299A BN96-39506A HG43AE690DK V6EY_430SM0_56LED_R4 56LED 522mm TV LED backlight bar
1 x 40inch VES400QNSS-3D-U02 2D-U01 400DLED_SLIM_REV01 A C-T New
1 x 39PFL4398H/12 IC-B-TBAC39D192/CLO-T39 PHP LD 3pcs New
1 x 40E2 MS-L1717 V1 7700-640000-D040 3pcs New
3 x CRH-P43KP30300309641 RF-AJ430S30-0901S-09 3pcs New
1 x 4C-LB3212-HR02J 32P6H 32P6 32HR330M12A0 V5 V6 1PCS 12LED(6V) 588mm TV led backlight
3 x 49pus7101/12 LK 10024664-A0 CL-490-066-V1-R CL-490-066-V1-L 2pcs/set
2 x BN96-31827A BN96-31828A 2pcs New Original
1 x 47E860A 6922L-0068A 6916L1306A 6916L1307A Set New
5 x 55UP7670PUC SSC_Y21Trident_55UP80_LGD_A set TV LED backlight bar 7pcs/set
1 x LM41-00618A BN96-35630A 46574A V8DN-320SM1-R1 2pcs New
5 x 017-400-0001-1 LVF400SSDO E4 V3 TH-40A405C TV LED backlight bar
1 x 42UB8280 LED 6922L-0130A 6916L-1835A(1836A) New
3 x UA48J5088 2014SVS48F D4GE-480DCA 480DCB-R3 tv led backlight set
3 x SVV500A52A SVV500A51A SVV500A52/51A SVV500A52/51B 5LED New
3 x 65PUS7600 TPUE-650SM0-R4 TPT650LS-FJ01 650SMO 4pcs/set 48LED 400mm
3 x LED236D7-01(B) 30323607206 TV LED BACKLIGHT 2PCS/SET
5 x LC50490043A LC50490042A SSC HS HC500EQF VKGA1 TV LED backlight bar 2pcs/set
2 x 3pcs8 New LED39D07B LED39D07A-ZC26AG-01 ZC23AG-02
2 x 49HR332M11A2 V3 4C-LB490T-HR9 3pcs New
1 x 42 inch 42inch SNB 7020PKG 60EA New
1 x 43HR330M21A0 4C-LB4321-HR01J 43S434 43HR330M21A1 1pcs New
6 x 42inch 6922L-0051A 0062A New
1 x 4708-400000-A1213K31 A1113N11 K400WD A1 K400WD8
2 x RF-AA550E30-0501S-11 35022847 LED TV
3 x 6916L-3354A 3355A 3354B 3355B 55 V20 CoD 3355 3354 TV LED backlight bar 2pcs/set
1 x 4C-LB320T-HRAC 32D1200LG 7X2 32HR332M07A5 2pcs New
1 x 40A5600 LB39601 V0 JHD396X1F01-TXL1 2pcs New
1 x 40-DOWN LJ64-02609A for Panel LTF400HM02
1 x 46PFL3218K LBM460P0601 AU-1 LBM460P0501-AT-1 12pcs/set
1 x 43UJ6200 CRH-A4330300104L6CN CRH-A4330300105R6CN 8pcs/set
3 x 50HYT62U VES500UNDC-2D-N01 VES500UNDA 50 NDV REV1.1 7Pcs/set
2 x 49UF6800 6922L-0151A V15 49 UHD V15.5 ART3 UD 2pin connector
3 x KD-65X9000A NLAC50234L NLAC50234R RST234R-42R1 4pcs XBR
1 x 390H1-LS6-TREM4 1pcs 48LED 480mm
2 x 65TU8200 BN96-50313A 50314A JL.D650C1330-408AL 408AL 10PCS/set
2 x LT-50C750 JL.D50051330-078AS-C 078HS-C New
2 x 65SK8500 65SK85(48B)_CASE2 SSC_SlimDRT_65SK85(48B) 24pcs/set
2 x QN55Q6D QE55Q74AAT 55Q60A TV led backlight BN96-52584A
1 x 4connectors HZ55E8A HE550S6U51-L1 RSAG8.038.6479 New 2pcs
3 x IC-B-TBAC39D192/CLO-T39 PHP LD 39PFL4398H/12 TV LED backlight bar 6leds 740mm 3pcs/set
1 x 42" V12 Edge 6920L-0001c 6922L-0014A 6922L-0015A
2 x MS-L2668 V2 LED TV PARTS MS-L2151 CX236DLEDM JL.D24041330-006AS-M
1 x 43" V16.5 ART3 2744 6916L-2744A UHD 1 3PCS/SET
2 x TC416-F2404 R L-UA-LA4 2pcs New
1 x BN96-50379A V0T8-550SM0-R0 2pcs New Original
1 x Chimei for Panel V420H2-LS1 V420H2-LS1-TLEF1 V420H2-LS1-TREF1
1 x CRH-P43KP30300309641 RF-AJ430S30-0901S-09 3pcs/set 9LED(3V) 830mm
1 x Changhong ITV37830EX STA37 STA370A03-44 REV0.1
1 x BN96-45622A V8Q7-650SM0-R2 LM41-00581A 2pcs 126LED 710mm
1 x Changhong LT32920E LED 32-D0WN LJ64-02590A SAMSUNG for Panel LTA320AP18
1 x ??LE42M03 74.42TB3.001-1-SH1
1 x BN96-30665A 30664A 2pcs/set 88led 684mm
1 x AOT-55-NU7100 BN96-45913A LM41-00566A 40leds 596MM 2pcs/lot
1 x 74.46T07.002-3-SX1 74.46T04.006-3-SN1 E88441
1 x 6922L-0017A 6922L-0018A 6922L-0131C 6922L-0131D
1 x 6922L-0103A 6922L-0062A 6916L1166A for Panel LC420EUN
1 x Chimei V420H2-LS1 L420H2-LS1-TLEF2 L420H2-LS1-TREF2
1 x Changhong LED32770X 31T15-03 LED M315X11-E2-A for Panel
1 x Changhong iTV40830DEX LED 40-D0WN LJ64-02730A KHE-A3P62NB458H
1 x Changhong LED42B1080 CHGD42LB02-LE07020-V0.4 for Panel M420F12-E1-A
1 x BN96-30662A 30663A VU85-550SMA-R1 550SMB New Original 2pcs
1 x Chimei 40 V400H2-LS5-TLEM3 V400H2-LS5-TREM3 E88441
1 x CM1M220965A103 E222034 11111503
1 x CHGD42LB02-LED7020-V0.4 CH4221A-V01-B-BAR
1 x BN96-42351A BN96-42352A 65inch New Original
1 x 65UJ6500-CB 6922L-0220A 6916L-3052A 3051A 66LED 713mm 2pcs/set
1 x 73.37T06.004-5-SN1 58.37T06.002 STA370A03-44 REV0.1
1 x D4GE-650DCA-R2 650DCB BN96-30435A 30436A 2014SVS65F 16pcs New
1 x Changhong 3DTV46860i LED 46T09-02A for Panel T460HB01 V.0
1 x Changhong ITV42839E iTV42920DE 42t09-05B 73.42T09.004-4-SK
1 x 6922L-0052A 6916L1003A
1 x BN96-30665A 30664A 2pcs New
1 x Changhong LED32580 LBM315M0706-BJ-1(HF)(0)
1 x CW3770201503R25V 7710-637000-R060-L060 1555-R3700100-01
1 x BN96-42351A BN96-42352A 65inch TV LED backlight bar 2pcs/set new
1 x CC02320D562V04 CC02320D562V08 SJ.HL.D3200601-2835BS-F
1 x Changhong ITV46830DE LJ64-02230A LJ64-02211A
1 x 73.42T09.005-0-CS1 42T09-05B 73.42T09.004-0-CS1
1 x BN96-31827A BN96-31828A 2pcs/set 72LED 595mm
1 x Changhong ITV37830EX STA370A03_44 Rev0.1 LED T370HW04 for Panel
2 x 65inch JS-D-JP65EK-062EC(80228) E65EK-P1000/600 12pcs
1 x 7020PKG 54EA REV0.1
1 x BN96-41386A 41387A LM41-00099A 00099G set
1 x Chimei 40" V400H2-LE1-TLEM5 V400H2-LE1-TREM5
1 x Changhong 3D42C3100IC 3D42C3300I LED42B1000C CHGD42LB11/12
1 x Chimei L390H1-1EA L390H1-1EB L390H1-1EC
1 x CRH-SH553535120758GREV1.1 G 4C-LB550T-GY3 12 New
2 x BN96-40095A 40096A V6ER-650SMA-LED78-R1 650SMB 2pcs/set
1 x BN96-26508B BN96-26508A 5PCS 9LED 650 mm
1 x BN96-50310A 50311A 50312A
1 x BN96-50386A STC750A72 V0T6-750SM0-R0 LM41-00860A TV LED
1 x CX55D15R CX55D15L-ZC21A-05 12pcs/set(6*R 6*L) R+L=15LED(3V) 1097mm
1 x 74.64T07.002-3-001 65INCH 6030PKG 40EA 12PIN TYPE REV0.0
1 x 7710-665000-R000/L000 CRH-A6570201106L486REV1 1555-R6500000
1 x BN96-50375A V0Q8-650SM0-R0 24pcs New Original
2 x BN96-30449A 30450A 38889A 38890A
1 x CC02550D485V10 55E20 5X9 5S1P 9PCS/set 5LED(3V) 485mm
1 x BN96-30662A BN96-30663A VU85-550SMA-R1 550SMB-R1 2pcs
1 x 73.39T23.001 7030PKG 60eaREV0.0 67-B96536-0A0
1 x CRH-P40CA353504094BU LC-40CFE4042E 4pcs New
2 x BN96-40173A 40174A 40171A 40172A 2 pcs/set
1 x Chimei V420H2-LS1 V420H2-LS1-TREF7 V420H2-LS1-TLEF7
1 x Changhong LED E243951 650TA05
1 x BOEI320WXI-01 CRH-F32PL3030020756P-REV1.6MR 2pcs New
1 x CRH-BN554014EMC38S2P96D-LCRH-BN554014EMC38S2P96D-L/R L55M6-5P GAN01-1627A 76leds 605mm TV LED backlight bar
1 x BN96-36233A BN96-36234A V5DN-320SM0-R4 2PCS/set
1 x 74.55P02.001-3-DX1 E117098 E150504
1 x Changhong 3D55A4000IC 6922L-0048A 6916L1535A LC550EUN for Panel
1 x CRH-P32CA3535T030751U-REV1.0 B 3pcs New
1 x DLED55CNC ZX55ZC332M10A0A4 ZX55ZC332M10A0V2-K600 JL.D550A133
2 x 65SK9500 SSC_SlimDRT_65SK95(96B)_S 65SK95(96B)_CASE2 24pcs/set
1 x 74.46T22.002-0-DX1 3042302-726-0065
1 x Changhong ITV37830EX STA370A03-44 Rev0.1 LED T370HW04 for Panel
1 x DL4053 40L2500 40L1500 35021107 35021109 6pcs New
1 x Changhong LED32770 LC320EXN-SDA1 3660L-0386A
1 x Changhong 3D46A4000iV 74.46T14.001-3-DX1 for Panel T460HVD01.0
1 x CRH-BK32H823030T02067B2 32_HD315DH-E72 2X6 2PCS 6LED 6V 593MM
1 x Changhong LED46760X 46T04-02a 74.46T04.007-1-SX1
1 x 753mm 8leds 3V universal tv led backlight bar 4pcs/set
1 x 74.55T02.001-3-DX1 13227N 551A04 for Panel T550HVD02.3
1 x Arcelik_49_Clarity_3X5+3X4_1313FCA_L R 6pcs New
1 x Changhong 3DTV42780i V420H2-LS1-TREF7 for Panel V420H2-LS1
1 x AU for Panel S420HW40 73.42T09.004-4 -SK1 73.42T09.005-4-SK1
1 x Changhong LED32160i LJ64-03019A 32-DPWM STGE-320M0-R0
1 x Changhong 3DTV46880I LJ64-03035A LED LTA460HQ12 for Panel
1 x Changhong JUCA7.308.00103918-XJ CHGD42LB26-LE07020X2-V0.7
1 x Changhong ITV42839E 73.42T09.01B-4 73.42T09.02B-4 42T09-05B
1 x AU for Panel T650HVN06.0 74.64T07.002-3-001 ??4?
1 x Changhong 3D55A4000TC 6922L-0004A 6922L-0003A
1 x CRH-BK75S33030T1408870-REV1.5 14pcs New
1 x 65pus6521/12 65PUS7101/12 E-LED-CL-650-084-V2 2PCS/set
1 x BN96-32769A 32770A 2014SVS_48_MEGA_3228
1 x Arcelik_48_apollon_7X7 ZBE60600 ZBG60600 ZBH60600 14pcs
1 x Changhong 3D32A70000IC 6922L-0033A
1 x D4GE-650DCA-R2 650DCB BN96-30435A 30436A 2014SVS65F 16 PCS/set
1 x Changhong iTV46839E SSL460EL05 INV46L04A RFV0.2
2 x 6916L-1803A 1804A 1805A 1806A 1739A 55 V14 SLIM DRT R1 LC550
1 x BN96-39350B 39351B 39379B 39380B LM41-00457A 2PCS
1 x Changhong 3D46560 V-6840-B08-10 130326 for Panel TPT460H1-WUC22
1 x BN96-43942A 43943A LM41-00516A 00517A Set Original
1 x Changhong 3D46A4000iV 74.46T14.001-3-DX1 for Panel T460HVD01.0
1 x BN96-46024A LM41-00587A V8Q7-750SM0-R1 75inch 3pcs New
1 x Chimei VDT70111.00 / L315H3-2EC-L001B 27-D045818
1 x BN96-50385A LM41-00859A V0T6-650SM0-R0 2pcs New Original
1 x D2GE-320SC1-R0 BN96-28489A D2GE-320C1-R0 D2GE-320C0-R0
1 x 6922L-0051A 6922L-0062A 6920L-0001C 42" V13 Edge 54 LEDs 535MM 1pcs New
1 x 7030PKG 40EA 8-TYPE VER.0.0
1 x CX65D07-ZC22AG-04 303CX650038 CX650M10 CX65D07 12pcs New
2 x 6922L-0242A 55 V18 ART3 3139 R 6916L3138A 6916L3139
1 x CRH-A553535120674NREV1.0B 12pcs New
1 x CRH-BK50S1U51S3030T040979G JL.D50091330-003ES-M New 4
1 x Changhong LED55760DT 74.55T02.001-3-DX1 for Panel T550HVD02.3
1 x BN96-45956A UN49NU8000 UA49NU8000 2pcs New Original
1 x BN96-50383A LM41-00845A V0T6-550SM0-R0 STC550F64 2pcs New
1 x CL-47-D407-R L V2 V4 47PFL3188 47PFG4109/78 New Set
1 x CRH-P32CA3535T030751U-REV1.0 B 3 PCS/lot 7LED(3V) 618mm
1 x CL-40-D307-V3 3pcs/set 7LED 6V 775mm
2 x BN96-30417A 02172A D4GE-400DCA-R1 400DCB-R2
1 x CL-40-D307-V3 3pcs New
1 x CRH-K65EM3030T1206684 65UFC2500 12pcs New
1 x 65UH5500 5835-W65002-LR40 5835-W65002-0P40 24pcs New
1 x BN96-46570A 46571A V8DN-430SMB-R0 430SMA-R0 TV LED backlight bar 8pcs/set
1 x 74.46P06.001-4-DX1 STA460A92/93-A-REV1.0-60-111120
1 x Changhong 3D55830QE LJ64-02219A/02220A D000820A1
1 x 6922L-0081A 6916L1255A New
1 x AWX65166 SJ.HZ.D6500402-2835AS-F D650S01-4222-MZ1003 16pcs
1 x CRH-K553535T0613L4CF-Rev1.1 CRH-K553535T0613R4CF Set New
1 x 6922L-0007A RIGHT 37" V12 Edge 6916L1088A 6916L0905A 1pcs 54LEDs 462MM
1 x CRH-ZG32E20003030050274EREV1.0 CRH-ZG32E20003030050274E
1 x Changhong iTV55920DE LJ64-01746A LJ64-01747A SVS55-2ND-120HZ
1 x BN96-39055A 30056A LM41 00001N 00001P 2013SVS55_3228N1 10pcs/set
1 x CRH-B55K52303005106AG CRH-B55Y8130300510746 10pcs New
1 x 74.46P06.001-3-DX1 STA460A92/93-A-REV1.0-60-111120
1 x CRH-ZG32E20003030050274EREV1.0 CRH-ZG32E20003030050274E 2 PCS 5LED(3V) 595mm
1 x 73.57T01.003-0-JC1 57T01-02B
1 x Chimei V400H2-LF2-TLEM2 V400H2-LE2-TREM2 E187565
1 x Changhong LED37760X 73.37T06.007-1-CS1 for Panel T370HW04V.8
2 x UA55D7000 UA55D8000 BN96-16622A 16621A 2pcs New
2 x UA65RU7100 UN65RU7100 V8N1-650SM0-R0 2pcs New Original
3 x UA43J5200 V5DN-430SMA-R1 430SMB R2 LM41-00120U New
2 x ZDCX236D06-ZC14F-02 303CX236031 JL.D24061235-006BS-M_V01 tv led
1 x UA60H6400 2014SVS60F_3228_L08/R05 D4GE-600DCA-R1 R2
1 x HISENSE 65_HD650S3U51-TA_12X7_3030C 12pcs*7LED 3v 606MM
2 x KJ43D08-ZC46AG-01 303KJ430044 LED TV backlight
1 x 55UF8500-CB 6922L-0160A 6916L2060A 6916L2061A New
3 x H43A7300FTUK HD430X1U81-T0L1 SVH425A09 11leds 3v 780mm set
1 x UA55F6400 UA55F6300 2013SVS55F L R BN96-25313A 25312A
1 x GJ-2K17 CSP-315 Pitch 109 32PHS4503 32PHS4112 2pcs/set 6led 3v 614mm
1 x LE32D99 32LE12J JL.D32061235-0171S-F 3pcs/set
1 x 42LB670V 6916L-1683B 1685B 1682A 1684A 1683A 1685A 10 PCS/set
1 x OY385D10-ZC14F-02 532WY390M04 303WY390035 3PCS/SET 9LED 3V 755mm
2 x 55UM7600PCA SSC-Y19-Trident-55UM73&75 4pcs/set
1 x 2011SVS55-6.5K-V2-4CH-PV-RIGHT100
2 x MS-0818 V4/180 DT0-391900-1H for SN039LED071CX39DLEDM
1 x 58E6200 6202B000A0300 6202B0009Z300
1 x 49SK85-8LED SSC_SlimDRT_49SK85(36B) 18pcs/set
1 x 58D2P 58F8 58DP600 JL.D580C1330-002BS-M_V01 Set New
1 x Ph39n91 39N91GM04X10-C0033 CJ 1.30.139N91007R 4PCS
1 x UA60F8000 UN60F8000 BN96-26318A 26319A 25449a 25450A
1 x 5835-W58000-1P00 JL.D58051330-202AS-M 10pcs New
2 x UA50RU7100 UA50RU7300 UA50RU7400 V8N1-500SM0-R0 2pcs New
1 x UA50KU8300J BN96-39657A 39658A V6DU-500DCA 500DCB-R2
2 x 49SM86_SM81_LED_ARRAY_RIGHT 49SM86_SM81_LED_ARRAY_LEFT TV LED backlight bar 2pcs/set
1 x KD-55X8500D 734.01Q01.XXXX 734.01N0H.XXXX
1 x KDL-40W656D SAMSUNG-2015S0NY-TPZ40-FC0M-A06-REV 3PCS/set
1 x LM41-00144A 00121X 2015 SVS39.5 FCOM FHD 3PCS/set
3 x BN96-43942A 43943A LM41-00516A 00517A TV LED backlight bar 14pcs/set
1 x LB65065 V0_00 LB65065 V1_00
1 x UA55HU7800J LM41-00093B 00093C
1 x U3219Q LM315WR1 SSB2 6916L-3216A 3217A 2pcs/set
1 x V8DN-395SM0-R1 BN96-46569A LM41-00620A 3pcs 8LED(3V) 775mm
1 x LED50K5100 HD500DU-B52 RSAG7.820.6723/ROH 11PCS/set
4 x JS-D-JP65EU-062EC
2 x S2Q6-600SM0-R0 2pcs/set TV LED backlight bar
1 x UN43NU6900 UN43NU6900F LBM430M0801-DM-3 3PCS
1 x TPT580B5-U2T01D LB58003 V0_01 LB58003 V1_01 10pcs/set
1 x S_5N9_65_SFL_B52 A52 BN96-34776A 34777A LM41-00120G 00120H 4PCS/set
1 x K55D08-ZC14C-04 303HK550035 ST5461B03-2 12 pcs/set
1 x UN40K6250 BN96-39504A U6EY_400SMO_LED52_R5 492mm 52LED 1pcs
1 x RF-AJ550E30-0601R-05 RF-AJ550E30-0601L-05
2 x 2010SVS32 50 LJ64-02409B LMB-3200BM11 2pcs/set 50LED 362mm
1 x UA55ES6100J UA55ES7000J SLED 2012SVS55 7032NNB 2D
1 x RF-AZ550E30-0601B-12 RF-AZ550E30-0501A A4 8pcs/set
1 x LED47T36X3D 3660L-0369A 2pcs 64-LEDs 610mm
1 x KDL-42W653A KDL-42W654A KDL-42W829B 42W706B 42W650A 2pcs 40LED 463mm
1 x V5DN-395SM0-R2 R3 BN96-37622A 395SMO-R2 R 3pcs
1 x PN-EL-32-21--V0 TNMX009 3pcs/set
1 x UN55AU8000 UA55AU8000 55AU8K BN96-52595A 48leds 600mm LED backlight bar 2pcs/set new
1 x UN85AU8000 UA85AU8000 85AU8K BN96-52592A LED backlight bar 4pcs/set new 120 BN96-52592A
1 x UA65H8800 BN96-30658A 30659A 2014SVS65_7032SNB
1 x SHARP 2828 6V 200MA Cool White 50pcs/lot
1 x WOOREE WM72T2F-RG01-S 7020 3V 150MA Cool White 50pcs/lot
1 x UNI 2835 6V 200MA Cool White 50pcs/lot
1 x OSRAM 5630 3V 150MA Cool White 50pcs/lot
1 x SEOUL 7030 6V 80MA Cool White 50pcs/lot
2 x 55LM6700 6916L0888B 6916L0889B 6922L-0028A 2PCS/set
2 x 50PUF6102 LB-PM3030-GJCD505X9AH22-Y A B 10PCS
1 x UNI 3535 3V 350MA 2 Cool White 50pcs/lot
1 x LG 8520 3V 150MA 3ge Cool White 50pcs/lot
1 x LG 7020 3V 150MA Cool White 50pcs/lot
1 x OSRAM 2835 3V 350MA Cool White 50pcs/lot
1 x LG 7030 6V 80MA Cool White 50pcs/lot
1 x TV backlight led RF-TVYRPA72FBZ-CCBC 1W 6V 7020 10pcs/lot
3 x 4C-LB430T-HRC XR3 JFA JL.D43071330-004AS-M_V01 3 PCS/set
1 x SAMSUNG 3537 3V 350MA 2 Cool White 50pcs/lot
1 x SAMSUNG 2828 3V 350MA Cool White 50pcs/lot
2 x UA75F6300AF UA75F6400AF LED TV BN96-26413A 26413B 26413C 2013SVS75F
1 x UNI 2835 3V 350MA Cool White 50pcs/lot
2 x CRH-BK55S1U51S3030T05107BE H55A6100 H55A6200 10leds 3v 1056mm 5pcs/set
1 x LITEON 5630 3V 150MA 1 CORE Cool White 50pcs/lot
1 x SAMSUNG 7032 3V 150MA Cool White 50pcs/lot
1 x LITEON 5630 3V 150MA Cool White 50pcs/lot
1 x SHINEON 5630 3V 150MA Cool White 50pcs/lot
1 x LITEON 5630 3V 150MA 2 CORE Cool White 50pcs/lot
1 x LUMENS 3535 3V 350MA Cool White 50pcs/lot
2 x Everlight 3030 6V200MA Cool White 50pcs/lot
1 x Lextar 5630 3V 150MA Cool White 50pcs/lot
2 x AOT LED TV 2W 3V 3030 10PCS/LOT
1 x Notebook LCD to LED kit upgrade backlight kit adjustable brightness 7"-15.4" 336mm*2mm*2mm
2 x LG 3535 6V 200MA Cool White 50pcs/lot
1 x HISENSE_55_HD550DU-B52_10X7 H55M3000 10pcs/lot
1 x LCD to LED Kit LCD upgrade for 15" 17" 18.5" 19" 20" 21.6" 22"
1 x 42PFL3208H LBM420P0601-CA-3 LBM420P0501-CB-4 12PCS/SET
2 x LG 4014 3V 60MA Cool White 50pcs/lot
2 x LG 3528 3V 280MA Cool White 50pcs/lot
1 x 49PUF6050 K490WD7 A1 A2 4708-K490WD-A2213K01 9pcs/set
1 x LG 43LF5400 43LX310C MAK63207801A G1GAN01-0793A G1GAN01-0794A New
1 x LG 55UH6150 6922L-0159A 6916L2318A 6916L2319A New Original
1 x 55D1800 55HR332M04A1 V8 4C-LB550T-HR7 9PCS/set
1 x 55PUS7504 LB-GM3030-GJ0D22555X10AN22-L R 10PCS
1 x Samsung 2014ARC320_3228-B07 140917 7LED 32INCH 3PCS/SET New
1 x 55" SAMSUNG for Panel LED STS550A05-LED70 LJ64-02219A LJ64-02220A
1 x SLED 2012svs32 7032nnb 2D V1GE-320SM0-R1 32NNB-7032LED-MCPCB 1pcs New
1 x LG 55GB6580 LG lnnotek DRT 3.0 55"_A 55"_B 6916L-1991A 10pcs New Original
1 x Vestel 43 FHD A-type B-type 43inch 4pcs/set New Original
1 x UA46H7000 UE46H8000 VH70-460SMA-R0 VH70-460SMB-R0 New
1 x LG 55GB7800-CC 6916L-1629A 6916L-1630A 6916L-1741A 6916L-1743A 12PCS/SET New Original
1 x V390HJ1-LE6-TREM1 48LED 490mm 1pcs New
2 x 60 V17 AS1 2872 2878 R-L 6916L2878A 6916L2872A New Original
1 x LG 42LN519C 6916L-1214A/1215A/1216A/1217A 10PCS/SET New Original
1 x SAMSUNG_2014CURVED55_FCOM9_REV1.0 12pcs/set new led strip
1 x UA46F5080AR 2013SVS46F R6 L9 BN96-25308A BN96-25309A OEM 1:1 16PCS/SET New
2 x 60UH8500 6916L2454A 6916L2455A 60"V16 AS1 2455 6922L-0196A 78led 6v 657mm 2pcs/set
1 x SSC_32LJ61_HD S SSC_32LJ61_HD_8LED_REV03_170224 32INCH 2PCS New
1 x 55PUS7600 TPUE_550SMA_R2 TPUE_550SMB_R2 2pcs New
1 x UA55ES6100J UA55ES7000J 2012SVS55 7032NNB 3d 1pair used
1 x SSC_Y19_trident_50UM73_REV00_180705 LGIT_Y19_50UM7375 520mm 1pcs
1 x UA46F5300AR D2GE-460SCA-R3 D2GE-460SCB-R3 16PCS/SET New
1 x LG 47GB5800 DRT 3.0 47"_A 47"_B 6916L-1948A 6916L-1949A New
1 x UA46H7000 UE46H8000 BN96-30551A BN96-30552A 2pcs New
1 x LG 43LX300C-CA LF51_FHD_A B LGE_WICOP_FHD 43inch 3PCS/SET New
1 x V420H1-LS6-TREM5 for V420HJ1-LE6 REV.C5 New
1 x VESTEL 43" DRT UHD A-type B-type 43inch 4pcs/set New Original
2 x 32LH60_FHD SSC_32inch_FHD_REV01_151102 7LED 615mm 1PCS New Original
1 x Samsung_2014SVS28_3228 D4GE-280DC0-R1 28inch 3pcs New
1 x S27E500C BN96-33689B VCGE-270SMB-R3 New Original
1 x UA60ES8000J 2012SVS60 7032NNB 3D RIGHT88 LEFT88 1PAIR Used and tested New used
1 x Vestel LB43007 VES430UNDL-2D-N12 VES430UNDA-2D-N12 4PCS/SET New
1 x VESTEL 49" UHD DRT VNG A-type B-type REV03 VES490QNDL-2D-U11 6PCS/SET New
1 x LG 55LA6200 55LN5400-CN LG innotek POLA2.0 55 R L 14PCS/SET New Original
1 x UA48H6800 BN96-30655A BN96-30654A
1 x Vestel LB43007 V1_01_38S 17DLB43VLXR1 VES430UNDL-2D-N12 4PCS/SET New Original
1 x LG 47GB5800 innotek DRT 3.0 47" 6916L-1715A 6916L-1716A 8pcs/set New
1 x SAMSUNG_2013SVS40_T1_3320N1 LM41-00001V LM41-00001W 40inch 3PCS/SET New
1 x LG 49UH6500-CB 6916L-2452A 6916L-2453A 6916L-2551A 6916L-2552A 8pcs/set New Original
1 x UA46F5080AJ BN96-25308A BN96-25309A 16pcs/set New Original
2 x 43" V16 ART3 2665 Rev0.31 840mm TV LED STRIP 3pcs/set
1 x Vestel VES315WNDL-01 VES315WNDS-01 32D1334DB 32inch 2pcs New Original
2 x 58PUS7304 LB58004 V1 V0_00 TPT580B5-U2T01D
1 x LG 42LN6150-CU 6916L-1509A 6916L-1510A 6916L-1511A 6916L-1512A 10PCS New
1 x P2314HT 6916L-1125B 6916L-1125A for display LM230WF3-SLK1 1PCS New
1 x UA50F5500AR D2GE-500SCB-R3 D2GE-500SCA-R3 18pcs/1set New Original
1 x UA55D6600WJ BN64-01664A 2011SVS55 for LTJ550HW01 2pins connector New Original
1 x Sharp 32inch E129741 28leds 360mm 1pcs New
1 x VES315WNDL-01 VES315WNDS-2D-R02 VES315WNDA-01 2PCS/SET New Original
1 x LTJ460HN06 2012SVS46 7032NNB 2D 46inch 60leds 572mm 2pcs/pair New
1 x Samsung UA46ES6100J 2012SVS46 7032NNB LEFT64 RIGHT64 3D used 2pcs/pair New
1 x LG 42inch 4S4200D 6916L-1338A 6916L-1339A 6916L-1340A 6916L-1341A 10pcs/set New Original
1 x Samsung_2014SVS48_7032SNB_H8000_R72 LM41-00086P LM41-00086N 1PAIR used tested
1 x Samsung 2013SVS40 7032SNB R59 L59 3D BN96-25444A BN96-25443A 40inch 1PAIR used tested
1 x LG 43UJ65_UHD_L EAU63673004 7LED 43inch 3pcs New Original
1 x VESTEL 50" DRT UHD A-Type B-Type 6PCS/SET New Original
1 x SVG600A26_Rev02_UHD_151215 60inch 7LED 3V 610mm 10pcs New
2 x 58PUS7304 LB58004 V1 V0_00 TPT580B5-U2T01D 16pcs New
1 x Panasonic_REV0.0 2017.11.15_3PCM00748A 43inch 5pcs New Original
1 x LG 47lb5610 DRT 3.0 47" 6916L-1961A 6916L-1962A 8PCS/SET New
1 x VES390UNDC-01 VES400UNDS-02 39/40inch 5PCS/SET New
1 x samsung 2014SVS32HD 3228 32inch 3pcs New Original
1 x MAK63247001 HC550EGN-ABES3-212X for HV550QUB-B21 1pair New Original
1 x UA55J5088AJXXZ D4GE-550DCA-R3 D4GE-550DCB-R3 1pair New Original
1 x DS50M73-DS07-V01 DSBL-WG 2W2006-DS50M7301-01
1 x VESTEL 39" DRT VNB A_TYPE B_TYPE 3pcs/set New Original
1 x LG 49LY320C-CA 6916L-1788A 6916L-1789A 6916L-1945A 6916L-1944A 10pcs/set New
1 x Chimei LED V390HK1-LS5-TREM4 4A-D069457
1 x LG 49LB5620-CA LG INN0TEK DRT 3.0 49 A B TYPE 10pcs/set New
1 x UF64_UHD_A 43LH60FHD 43inch 3PCS New
1 x CC02320D562V04 CC02320D562V08 SJ.HL.D3200601-2835BS-F 2pcs
1 x SSC_43UK65(LGD)_8LED_SVL430A62 SSC_Trident_43UK65 445mm 3pcs/set
1 x 47INCH 6916L-1174A 6916L-1175A 6916L-1176A 6916L-1177A 12PCS/SET New
1 x LD50P03Q 500TT25 V5 YX-50018014-2C564-0-D-48Q-6326 New
1 x 6916L-1214A 6916L-1215A 6916L-1216A 6916L-1217A 42inch 10pcs/set New
1 x LGE_WICOP_49inch_UHD/FHD_REV05_A/B 49inch 8pcs/set New Original
1 x LED32N2000 JL.D32061330-003BS-M JL.D32061330-003BS-W 2pcs/pair New Original
1 x 2015 SVS48 FCOM FHD LM41-00149A LM41-00150A 48inch 8pcs/set New Original
1 x 50PFL6340/T3 LD50P03Q 500TT26 500TT25 V5 12PCS/SET New
1 x LG55LA6300-CA 55" V14 DRT REV0.0 1 R1 L1 R2 L2 12PCS/SET New Original
1 x BN96-42347A BN96-42348A 76leds 600mm 55inch 2pcs New Original
1 x 6922L-0189A 6916L2466A 6916L2465A 55inch 2PCS/PAIR New Original
1 x 55LM6200-CE 6922L-0003A 6922L-0004A FOR LC550EUN(SE)(F1) 1PAIR New
1 x 55UH65-LH65 MAK63747401 55inch 126LED 2pcs/pair New Original
1 x D4GE-320DC1-R2 32inch 7LEDs 647mm 4pcs New Original
1 x 6922L-0043A 6916L1009A 6916L1009B for LED47K560J3D New Original
1 x 47lp360c-ca 47LN519C-CC 6916L-1176A 6916L-1177A 6916L-1174A 6916L-1175A 12PCS/SET New Original
1 x SVS400A73 A B C D 40inch 10pcs/set New
1 x 65D2000i 65D2060G SVJ650A21 16PCS/SET New Original
1 x LG Innotek DRT 3.0 42"_B 42"_A REV01 6916L-1956A 6916L-1957A New
1 x LM41-00300A BN96-39510A BN96-39512A 64LEDS 598mm 1pcs New Original
1 x T420HVN05.0 LG innotek POLA2.0 42 inch A B 10pcs/set New
1 x LG innotek 43inch Panasonic 3PCW00748A 8LED 850mm 5pcs New Original
1 x D4GE-320DC0-R3 D4GE-320DCO-R3 32inch 3pcs New Original
1 x LB40017 V1_05-38S 17DLB40VXR1 VES400UNDS-2D-N11 40INCH 3PCS/SET New
1 x LG Innotek 17Y 55inch_A-type 55inch_A-B EAV63673005 10pcs/set New
1 x 6916L-1736A 6916L-1735A LG50LB5620 LC500DUE(FG)(A4) 10PCS New
1 x SVS400A73 SVS400A79 A B C D 1SET 40INCH 10PCS/SET New
1 x 60" V17 UJ7500 ART3 6916L-2896A 2897A 6922L-0214A 2PCS/set
1 x 65U002 BN96-00002A BUGE-650-SMA-R3,52LED 404mm 1pcs New
1 x 2015SLS55_FCOM_3D_10LED_MCPCB_R 62cm 55inch 5pcs/lot new led backlight strip
1 x BN96-36236A V5DN-320SM1-R2 32inch 10pcs New Original
1 x LG 39LB561V 39LB5800 innotek DRT 3.0 39"_A 39"_B 8PCS/set New
1 x 6916L-1359A/1360A/1361A/1362A FOR LG47LN6150-CU 12PCS/SET New Original
1 x 43UJ65_UHD_A/B LC43490060A 7LED 43inch 3pcs New Original
1 x CSOT-55LH65-R CSOT-55LH65-L 126LED 55inch 1pair New
1 x 6916L-1437A 6916L-1438A 32inch New Original
1 x KDL-46EX700 RUNTK4337TP RUNTK 4337TP 4PCS/SET New
1 x LG innotek DRT 3.0 32 6916l-1974A 6916l-1975A New Original
1 x 60PFL7520/T3 LED60X8100PDE 6922L-0035A New
1 x UA40ES6100J 2012SVS40 7032NNB LEFT56 Right56 2D 1PAIR New
1 x SVT320AE9_REV1.0_121012 32INCH 8LED 625mm 3PCS/SET New
1 x 500TT56 500TT55 V0 50inch 12pcs/set New
1 x LB40017 V1_05-38S 17DLB40VXR1 40inch 2A+1B/set New Original
1 x LG innotek POLA 2.0 POLA2.0 39"_A 39"_B type 39inch 8PCS/SET New
1 x 32LH60_HD SSC_32inch_HD 6LED 615mm 32inch 1pcs New Original
1 x 65E790U 6922L-0086A 6916L-1747A 1748A 6916L1747A 2pcs/set 84LED 715mm
1 x T420HVN05.2 POLA 2.0 42" Rev0.1 AGF7832650 10pcs/set New
1 x 55UJ63_UHD_A 55UJ63_UHD_B 55inch 10PCS/SET New Original
1 x 6916L-1412A 6916L-1413A 6916L-1414A 6916L-1415A 42inch 10PCS New
1 x BN96-36235A 2015 SVS32 FHD F-COM 7LEDs 10PCS New Original
1 x 6916L-1807A 6916L-1808A 6916L-1809A 6916L-1810A 42inch New
1 x 6916L-1402A 6916L-1403A 6916L-1404A 6916L-1405A 42inch New
1 x 43LH51_FHD_A 43LH51_FHD_B SSC_43inch_FHD_A 43INCH 6PCS/SET New Original
1 x 6916L-1412A 6916L-1413A 6916L-1414A 6916L-1415A LG 42INCH 10pcs/set New
1 x LH32EDDFLGC/XF 2013SVS32-FHD-3228N1
1 x 6916L-1295A 6916L-1296A 32inch New Original
1 x LG 32LF510B Innotek Direct 32inch CSP 1pcs New Original
1 x SVS400A73 A B C D 40D1333B 10PCS/SET New
1 x GJ-2K15 D2P5-315 D307-V1 D307-V7 32inch 1pcs New Original
1 x KONKA KDL48MT618UD 5LEDS 425mm 1PCS New Original
1 x D3GE-320SM0 LM41-00001R 2013SVS32_28N1 32inch 9leds 10PCS New
1 x D3GE-400SMA-R2 D3GE-400SMB-R2 40INCH 1SET/3PCS New
1 x 500TT41 500TT42 v4 50inch 12pcs/set New
1 x LG Innotek 17Y 43inch_A-Type 43LJ61_FHD_L 7LEDs 830mm 3PCS New Original
1 x LG42LN5180 6916L-1505A 6916L-1506A 6916L-1507A 6916L-1508A 6637L-0025A 10PCS/SET New
1 x 50LB261U 500TT65 500TT66 V1 12pcs/set New
1 x 6916L-2855B 32 V17 ART3 2855 6916L2855B 32inch 3pcs New Original
1 x EVTLBM550P0601-DD-5(R) EVTLBM550P0601-DC-2(L) 55inch 14PCS/SET New Original
1 x LG50LN5400-CA 6916L-1241A 6916L-1273A 1272A 1276A 12PCS/SET New
1 x Haier TV LE50B3500W LE50F3000W LED BACKLIGHT 3BL-T5454102-51 3BL-T4752102-01
1 x 65 V16 AS1 2507 2508 6916L2507A 6916L2508A New pair
1 x LS27E510C LS27E590C BN96-37176A BN96-37177A 2pcs New Original
1 x S_KU6.4/6.5K_55_SFL70_R66 S_KU6.4/6.5K_55_SFL70_L66 LM41-00462A LM41-00459A 55inch New Original
1 x BN96-28766A BN96-28767A 40inch 3PCS/SET New
1 x 55inch LM41-00485A LM41-00484A S_MU_55_FL70_R76 L76 1pair/2pcs New
1 x SVG600A30_Rev00_5LED_160602 60inch 10pcs New Original
1 x 74.42P06.002-3-dx1-l 420TA27V1 420TA26V1 E206580 42inch 1pair New Original
1 x LED32F3300C 35016695 35017314 35017828 35017248 1pcs New
1 x 6916L-1137A 6916L-1138A 6916L-1139A 6916L-1140A 37INCH 8PCS/SET New Original
1 x 60UH8500 6916L2454A/2455A 60 V16 AS1 2455 6922L-0196A New
1 x 6922L-0221A 6916L3030A 6916L3031A 6916L3033A 2 PCS 57LED 536mm
1 x 43LH60_FHD_A Type LG Innotek 16Y 43inch FHD_LED_ARRAY 8LED 850mm 3pcs New Original
1 x TCL-240D-2X4 4C-LB240T-DL1 NPB04D425173BL051-001H 2pcs/set
1 x LG50LB5620-CA 6916L-1735A 6916L-1736A 6916L-1978A 6916L-1979A 10PCS/SET New
1 x D1GE-320SC1-R3 32F-3535LED-40EA 32inch 10LEDs 580mm 4pcs/set New Original
1 x SVS400A79 4LED A B D 5LED C type 40inch 10pcs/set New
1 x LS27E510C LS27E590C VBGE-270SMA-R3 VBGE-270SMB-R3 2pcs New Original
1 x 6916L-1105A 6916L-1106A 6916L-1204A 6916L-1205A 32inch New Original
1 x DELL U3014 LED Backlight 6916L-1143A 6916L-1144A 300WQ6(L) 300WQ6(R )1pair New
1 x 43E6000 5800-W43001-3P00 E465853 02K03177A RDL430FY 8pcs/set New
1 x BN96-28763A D3GE-320SM1-R2 12LEDS 32inch OEM 1:1 10PCS New
1 x LCD-40LX330A GY0321-1 SLED_2011SSP40_36_GD_REV0 New
1 x KLV-40R470 KLV-40R476 SVG400A81_REV3_121114 10PCS/set
1 x LG 37LV3550 37T07-02a 37T07-02 73.37T07.003-0 2pcs/pair New Original
1 x UA46ES5500R 2012SVS46 7032NNB LEFT60 RIGHT60 3D New
1 x LG 32MB25VQ 32LB5610 LGIT A B innotek DRT 3.0 New Original
1 x 65" V19 Signage 3248 6922L-0276A 6916L3248A 6916L3249A 2pcs/set
1 x TX-49DS500B LG Innotek 49inch_Panasonic 8PCS/SET New Original
1 x L40E5200BE SLED CT400H2-48 109-132-15 G40V40043112002 G40V40043112001 New Original
1 x BOE-55UH61-R BOE-55UH61-L 2pcs/pair 55inch New Original
1 x D4GE-400DCB-R2 R1 D4GE-400DCA-R2 R1 40inch 1PAIR New Original
1 x LG Innotek 32inch NDF UDULED0GS038 REV.A 32W8S1P 2PCS/PAIR New
1 x hisense LED40K30JD 2013CHI400 3228N1 2013CH1400 8pcs/set New Original
1 x 6922L-0048A 55" V13 Edge REV0.2 skyworth 55E610G for LC550EUN New Original
1 x BN96-39595A BN96-39596A 55inch 1pair New Original
1 x UA40ES6100 2012SVS40 7032NNB RIGHT56 LEFT56 3D 40inch 2pcs/pair New
1 x ZH32D08-ZC14F-01 PB08D575173BL042-001H
1 x UA32H4500 D4GE-320DC0-R3 R2 BN96-30446A 30445A 30448A
1 x Vestel 650LED A B VES650QNTL-2D-U32 11pcs
1 x ZDCX39D10-ZC14FG-05 303CX390036 4pcs New
1 x Panasonic LED TV TH-42A400C led parts
1 x LM41-00897A 00898A 00899A
1 x 17ELB65SLR2 7020PKG 84EA R L type 2pcs New
1 x ZVB65600-AA New ARCELIK 55" DRT_REV0.1 A55L87405B 9pcs
1 x V9Q6-650SM0-R0 9Y_Q60_STC650AC1_3030F BN96-48108A 2pcs New
2 x 2W2006-DS55M7800-01 DS55M78-DS02-V01 DSBJ-WG 10PCS/SET
1 x F43D8000 F43D7000 43L1600C JL.D43081330-083CS-M TV LED PARTS
1 x 65PUS7600 TPUE-650SM0-R4 TPT650LS-FJ01 650SMO 4pcs New
2 x 3021008-468-0015 74.50T09.002-0-DX1
2 x 303HK400038 HK40D07-ZC22AG-04 Set 314+441mm
1 x 32B50 4C-LB320T-HQ2 3PCS/SET 6LED 6v 561mm
1 x 32B50 4C-LB320T-HQ2 3pcs New
1 x 2K15-550-D712-V6 GJ-D2P5 01L90 14PCS/set 6LED(6V) 515mm tv led backlight<
1 x STL430AC3-R L Y20 SSC 43 7020 LED Array Right Left TV LED backlight bar 2pcs/set
1 x TCL GIC50LB45_3030F2.1D 4C-LB5013-ZM06J 2pcs/set TV LED backlight bar
1 x 27LED NLAW20455 2pcs
1 x 320E66 JL.D32061330-296AS-M DLED32BK 2X6 2pcs 6LED(3V) 560mm
1 x BN96-45956A UN49NU8000 UA49NU8000 2pcs/set TV LED backlight bar
1 x 32LJ600b V16.5 32 HD ART3 2718 6916L-2718A 2 PCS 5LED(3V) 635mm
1 x 2011SLS46-EQL-L-48-2D-REV0.2 LJ64-02859A LJ64-02860A
1 x LED65D07B-ZC29AG-01 LED65D07A LED65D07A set TV LED backlight bar
1 x 32LH530v 6916L-2558A 32''''V16 ART3 V16 32 New
1 x S2Q6-700SM1-R0 37leds 380mm 4pcs/set TV LED backlight bar
1 x Changhong LED39920 V-6840-A42-30 015B8000-A42-000-6
1 x CX42D10-ZC21FG-03 CX416M03 4pcs New
1 x CRH-BX43X13030120202BREV1.2 JHD425X1F71-T0L1 2pcs New
1 x Changhong 3D42A37000ID 6922L-0030A 6920L-0001C
1 x AOT-49-NU7300-2X38_3030C UE49NU7140 7100 38leds 530MM 2pcs
1 x CC02320D510V09 CC02320d510V06 32E20 2X6 6S1P 1910 2pcs/set
1 x 2010SVS65 1D 240HZ-104 REV.3
3 x Samsung UA60F6400 LED strip parts
4 x 43UJ6200 CRH-A4330300104L6CN CRH-A4330300105R6CN New
4 x QA49Q70RA, Q70-49S-8EA-R00, LM41-00708A
4 x IC-A-HWBB50D290L1
1 x 6917L-0118A 6922L-0048A 6916L1535A 6916L1092A
1 x LB55065 V0_04 V1_04 20pcs New Original
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